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Jennifer Brannen

Seeker/Mom (And attorney)

Jennifer Brannen is an attorney by trade, but it wasn’t always the plan. Jen began her spiritual journey in college when she suddenly hit her math wall. Confronted with her limitations, she turned from her dreams of pursuing aeronautical engineering to study Comparative Religion.
Through a series of fortunate events, she landed at a Ram Dass retreat with her mother during college. It changed her life. She began to explore the belief systems of the World with a reflective curiosity and inquisitiveness. Her head heavy intellectual quest became a heart centered spiritual practice. Every moment became an opportunity for awareness, self-reflection, and growth. (Notably, as devoted to the spiritual quest as she was, the institution’s Religion department passed her over for departmental honors when she elected to pursue the experience of a three week pilgrimage through the Himalayas in Nepal rather than fine-tune her academic thesis.)
As her external path wound through managing a homeless shelter, parenting three fantastic children, practicing therapeutic massage and reiki, and finally becoming an estate and elder law attorney, Jen honed the art of listening to the Language of the Universe and her own Soul’s voice in the midst of so much cultural chatter. It is her sacred practice and, as she says, the journey of the Every Day Pilgrim.

Nov. 11, 2021

STRETCHING OUR SPIRITS with Jennifer Brannen (Part 2)

Part 2 of my conversation with my Soul Sister, Jennifer Brannen, where we discuss spiritual gifts, boxes we end up in, and outrag…

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Oct. 21, 2021

STRETCHING OUR SPIRITS with Jennifer Brannen (Part 1)

Every Day Pilgrim and my Soul Sister, Jennifer Brannen, shares her thoughts on outrageous spiritual journeying and how important …

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